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Covad Level3 Megapath

Newedge Network Innovations Nuvox

One Communications Paetec PNG

Qwest Telepacific Telnes

Time Warner Telecom UCN XO

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Some technologies, such as DSL are limited to densely populated areas. T1, on the other hand, is available almost anywhere that has a phone line. T1, sometimes known as DS1, can travel up to 50 miles away from the nearest telephone company Central Office location by using repeaters to boost the transmission signal strength. Because of this extended reach, T1 technology should be available to virtually all businesses in Dept Agric Off Outside Hq.

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 Point-To-Point using MPLS in Dept Agric Off Outside Hq

Written by: QuoteMyT1 Staff - Jul 7, 2015

Multiple Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a new way that our providers are using to provide point-to-point high-speed connections between multiple office locations. For example, if your company's home office is in Dept Agric Off Outside Hq and you have satellite offices in Denver and Dallas, you can buy (subject to availability) point-to-point high speed lines using MPLS that link all of these offices together.

Doing this allows your company a lot of flexibility. Your employees can easily share folders and files as well as applications. These connections use VPN so that your data is very secure as it is moved on your private network between your offices.

But there is more. Not only can you move data easily between your offices, you can use your new MPLS based network for telephone communications as well. All of your telephone extensions in all offices can be connected to your PBX so that your employees can call each other using their extension numbers, no matter which city their office is in. And most of our providers can provide low cost local and long distance services over your new network saving even more money.

To find out more about these new services, call our consultants toll free at 800-880-2001 and use Promo Code 15398. Our consultants are friendly and very knowledgeable. Best of all, our initial telecom consulting services are always free and come with no obligation at all. Call today.